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About Mentour Corporation

Mentour Corporation is an interactive IT consulting service
which provides the best IT solutions worldwide

Our IT solutions have adapted and grown with our clients immensively and our team includes more than 200 technology professionals. Today, this expertise spans the full software development lifecycle and includes specialized skills in areas of great demand. Our experts are especially adept at helping companies through major business transformations or re-inventions of their technology organizations to become more nimble and agile.

We help clients transform their organizations, enabling holistic digital strategies to catch up with consumer demands, maximizing value in turnaround situations. For consultants and employees, we offer an enriching experience that promotes career growth and lifelong learning. Our industry experts take a unique approach to engagements by working with business leaders to initially understand corporate goals.

What we do?

Deliver highly responsive business solutions

Who we are?

We are Mentour Corporation

This is our dedicated team who work day-in and day-out together to bring our clients
the most amazing projects for a digitally connected world.

Advisory Board
Executive team
Sumanth Neelam
Founder & CEO
Vijay Raju
Founder & COO
Amit Bhavasar
President, Talent Acquisition Group
Olga Azhymova
V.P, Talent Acquisition Group

Great business solutions require
a good mix of combined skills

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Established Consulting Practices with Deep
Domain and Technical Expertise

Our IT practices are organized around specialized skill areas that require a deep level of business and technical acumen. The consultants in our practices are available to give you expert advice – and to deliver results. With flexible delivery options. And with an unwavering commitment to award-winning service and value.

Our practice consultants are technology and domain experts. Many carry advanced degrees and certifications and are nationally recognized for contributions in their areas of expertise.

AI Continua

Socialmedia analytics

Through decades of technology transformation work with major corporations, Mentour developed AI Continua to lead the voice of the customer industry with functional predictive analytics. AI Continua provides customers with both the insights, and more importantly, the recommendations to increase their business objective effectiveness read more


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Address: 55 Carter Dr, Ste # L2, Edison, NJ 08817

Phone: (732) 654-0106

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